Looking over our letters
Over my shouldered attempts
To make things better
I asked for tenderness
I cried for the loss of us
Even when we were together
I misunderstood your capacity
To love me hard enough
As hard as someone should
As hard as someone would
If they didn’t want to lose you
If they didn’t want to lose me
No mystique
No smoke and mirrors
No hidden cameras
Just open love
An opening for love
Looking over our letters
It really never got better
And so we found a way
To go our own directions
Although I miss the person
That I thought you were
When I cried for the loss of us
I realized whom
You were before
Didn’t really live there

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of poeticword.com & tHEtERRYtREE.com - Tea Maker & Owner of goldenlungtea.com - Hair & Music at Geinos.com