Love Grove

Good hath come
To the generous heart
The lenders of selflessness given
Freely conducting
A symphony of their affairs
No worry no wear
Just being there

People look
Side to side
In a most bewildered stare
In my direction if not for money
Then what for?

I imagine
Walking slowly into the universal
Garden among the green
With a resilient ardent glow

If we should fall to
The consumption of the
Materials of being here on earth
Hidden behind the stained glass
Treasures in a manic state rebirthed
Walking atop the all too
Attractively colored shards

Our cause will crumble
Under her spell
The witch of darkness
Rings the bell
Call to the one in white
With blood free diamonds in her hair
To be so drawn to her
Though we are so often
Drawn to danger magnetically
There is a comfort
Knowing the trees
Are surely there

To coexist within a grove
That has not need
For pots of gold
Within our hearts and hands
For what we hold
Toward every footpath
Is surely sold
Our freedom from the coin
Into the wealth of love

© GÄ