I Was…

Hoping that I’d find you today
To give you a small note
I was hoping I could ask you
If you want to spend time
With me tomorrow
I could already taste
Your kisses
I already imagined
You would want to leave
Your mark on me
A love bruise on my neck
I had to ask you to stop
To pull away
To keep my image professional
Although I really didn’t want to
I hoped to say to you today
Everyday I say maybe tomorrow
But today is the day I say
I found you
You’re hard to catch
But unexpectedly easy
To find at first
Looking up into your eyes
Passing by
I saw you
You came and found me
And then you were gone
Where were my words
Why am I bad at this
I wasn’t looking for it
But now I’m thinking of it
I was hoping that
I’d find you today

© GÄ