Once Upon A Love

I wake up to you
But I don’t come home to you
The permissions that you
Give yourself to be
With your friends
With yourself
But not with me
Different than the
Permissions that you
Give yourself
To be with me

What if the things
That my mother was saying
Were sorted so that I
Could understand

Unveiling deception
Asks the necessary question
To be a part of one
Another makes us some
Perhaps closer
To being estranged

Less likely to fall in love
Hopelessly and yet
Here we are
Attempting to chew
Away at the truth

© GÄ

Once Less

Nothing defines it
What more exquisite
Than the heart letter
Inscribed yet inkless
A mystic calligraphist
Lip prints on paper skin
It makes the universal
Personal within travel
Past the gallows
Of our woes
Up the stairwell
Into the window of a
Writer’s love well from another page
In the crevice of your back
Or another animal
State of being vining
Capturing the complexity
Of a love with more richness
Lust and dimension
Unclouded just enough to make us feel
At once less alone
More whole in our trust
Understanding ourselves
Pressed between us
In a mass of
Penetrating light

© GÄ