Our Love

I don’t want to let you go
But I’m also not afraid
To make you leave
Like a dog in a cage
I howl out for you
In the dessert
Barking at the moon
Release me
Come and get me
So I can run free
Into my true lovers arms

There’s a chamber
Full of silks and fruits
And the breezy wings
Of a thousand birds
Cooling me
Twisted in the sheets
Waiting for my
Lover to return
To caress my
Every burn

I know you by your eyes
By your touch
Your aroma travels
Through the air
To find me and
Unlock the doors
Of eternal

Euphoric paradise

Lightening strikes beneath
Our feet and the world
Turns upside down
As we make love on
Every ceiling
Every housetop
Every beam

Our love making is the canopy
To a world in pain
Our love rains down
In sheets of ecstasy
Watch the sadness
Dissolve in the smiles that
Curve up to the blue
Underneath me
Underneath you

© GÄ


Be smarter than the pain
Above it all
The tentacles cannot
Take us
Into the pit

Witness this

What we put the self through
Above it all
If you allow it to get the best of you
It wins
And you are no longer


Above it all
Signals of distress
To taking good self care

International codes

This is a tool
Above it all
To help make you aware
Save our ship
Save our souls
Si opus sit

Save Our Selves

Not to bludgeon yourself up with
Above it all
Squandered love
Dissipated desires
Want for more
Settle the score

State of emergency

Non reactory to things
Above it all
Emotions that are being
Toyed with
Said only for you to react to

Find your own way
Above it all
Any unwillingness to rise above
Self infliction
Caused by
Social interaction

Cuddles demise

Mind the curves
Above it all
Focus is
Above it all
Bleeding heart
Above it all
Doesn’t it feel good to ascend
Above it all
What did we come here for
After all

© GÄ