Secret Flowers

A garden is
Our own idea of heaven
Especially beheld in the
Minutes or the whole thing
Kneeling before you
I hear
This voice
Feeling the phenomenon
Of you
Becoming unseen
Blanking out
Like an
Invisible man
Sneaking secret flowers
From behind but their fragrance
Is an aromatic exposure

Imaging your body
Positioned perfectly
In the shape of a constellation
Ringing the bell
To a passage
Connecting the stars
Like dots

I grabbed a torch
Attaining a bright burning
Running between
What wings of passion
Aspire to
Twisting past the furnace
Of your smile
Immortal eyes
And symmetry
Entirely free
Inheriting the future

Thematic hearts paralleled
And paralyzed
When the curtains open up
Even in
Blindness blinkering
Evocative heartbeats
No longer foreigners
Warming the darkness
Shouting our likeness
Off the edge of a cliff

Too busy to die
The grass is like jazz
In the papyrus of our dance
What a beautiful reed
Playing our song
Drenched in everything
On a blanket
Our legs swinging
Off the edge of the earth

© GÄ

Heart Secret

Hard to speak
Sometimes it feels
Messy to say
What I perceive
But why not tell the truth

If you ask me
A question I can’t
Answer with a lie
Sometimes I feel weak
When I admit with certainty
Out loud to a friend
That I can trust
Or even to myself a truth

What’s the meaning
For us if we don’t
Acknowledge what’s real
As I find strength
In my honesty
I master how to feel
I learn to rely on myself
Not to let what others think
Effect the way that I breathe
Establish my beliefs vulnerably

Being certain can be hard
But like a fire burning strong
I know that life altering
Moments always lead
Me down the truest path
That I can tread
Away from grief

I say I’m better off dead
Than living carelessly spent
In a world
That cannot possibly
Be good
Psychologically speaking
I know the closer I get
To the simple truths head
Clearly peeking
Out from under
The rocks of disconcerting others
Disturbing behaviors
That try to cover up
The truth
Of feeling good about it

Is a powerful relief
Opening freedom
To ourselves doorways
Away from rumors

Being true to the heart
May be hard but
In the end
If it seems messy
It’s because a simple honesty
Can’t always be

© GÄ