Blisters on my heart
Cool me and soothe the
Painful insights
That arrive unannounced
From underneath the
City lights
As thoughts
Confide in me from where
I know not but receive

The sidewalk path
Made up of concrete
Feels of solid mass
But breathe dreams
Once dreamt
Of those
Who passed upon and on
This ground beneath

An allowance
For the virtues of
Communications needs
Requests permissions
To grasp the souls
Whose dreams
Have never been retrieved

With hesitance
A gentle yes
Answers before
Time takes to think
As their beliefs
Cloud and fill my mind
They become their memories
And then transform again
Accepting what has entered me
Is like a thread
It moves so swiftly
As is with life
No warning sign

Questions flow in
And then beyond
The needles eye
Disguised again
In visual imagery
Revealed its entry
Unfamiliar sources still
Pushing through the soles
Of both my feet
In every wave
A different life
Coursing with heat
Upwardly into my
Mental faculties
Projecting pictures
Of each face
That enters
Onto a movie screen
My mind displays to see
Another face not me
I’ve never seen before

Softly I do not coincide
Just to define the substance
Dream reality
Or to discover that the only
Answer found provides
Uncertain destiny
An opportunity
Or way in which to slide
Outside the arms
Responsible for guiding
What we see

© GÄ