Why does it make me sad to think
You cannot like me in that way
What am I hoping for
What am I wishing for
If it’s not for us to say

When you look at me
You must think that I’m a fool
To even entertain the thought
That we could have more
Than we do

I have to ask myself again
How it would actually be
If you could give me
What I’m wanting you to give
To think about you taking me


Maybe it’s all fantasy
Something worked up in my mind
Sensations wanting
To mean more to you
More than you could ever find
It in yourself to be with me
Physically inside
Calling to your ocean
Captivated by your tide
For this
Or even just one kiss

What is it that you look for
If you search for anything
What catches your eye
Who’s in your line of sight
What does this person even
Look like?

Do you know?

Do you care if they like music
Do you care if they can dance
Does it matter how they salivate
Do you leave it all to chance?

Is it a boy
Is it a girl
That makes your whole world
Turn around
Is it the scent
Is it the smile
That runs
Imagination wild

Would you say yes to either way
Is there anything that I could say
Is there a word perhaps a look
What’s on the pages in your book?
How do I get into a chapter
How do I get onto your route
Is their a right or left direction
That could make you turn me out?

To tell the truth I think I see my love
That no it is not me
It’s just a wish
It’s just a hope
So then this is a fantasy
I should let go of
Just a day dream
Just insatiable desire
Pour some water on this moment
Douse this delusional spitfire

But still I know a part of  you
I feel passion
Not just in sexuality
And not just anyone
Has this effect on me

There’s more to know about you

All your feelings
Some of your past
But your history means less
Than the future we could have

I’ll settle for a spring romance

I watch you laugh
I see you tease
Observe your lips
With all of these
I think about what we could be
I think for you this is not what
You’re looking for
I think for you there is no deeper
Thought for more

With me

Of course I’ll always wonder if
You could want me in that way
I’m happy this if not a kiss
Is friendship too
Even if there’s still a part of me
That’s left with craving


© GÄ


Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at