Even without knowing you
Your smile comforts me
How can this be
If we
Have never met?

I envision a
Picture of my life
With you
Through your eyes

Poet of the heart
I can pretend
Learn how to be patient
In the possibility
From today

Mostly tomorrow
Though I don’t know you
Do the insides
Match the outside?

North of the equator
An image that aspires
To fulfill a passionate desire
Located on the
Continental crust of my future

A picture of what transpires
Yet make believe
If I don’t know you

To see our smiles together

Will you finish with
A photo in my life?
I feel a tropical heat
Plateauing through
Your teeth

A beautiful smile
That comforts me
How is it possible?

How I would like
For us to meet…

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

|B|arber |M|usic |T|ea I am an artist & an advocate. A spiritual lover. Executive Director for ALARK.org Author of Poeticword.com & tHEtERRYtREE.com Creator & Owner at Goldenlungtea.com Music & Hair at Geinos.com