Remorseful Hug

Interrupted by your need
To feel bound
To hold someone
So they won’t get close to me
What is by force this comfort?

Look through the binoculars
It is a similar distance to touch
What you are afraid to drop
Afraid to love even if
He could have loved you

A little pathetic, right?
Or is it just sad to watch
Claim what’s not yours
Block light
Cover the truth
What do we gain
If we really lose?

A hug full of remorse
Only for you
Not for him
Not for me
Because sharing
Friendships is
Incredibly scary
For you

I could give you
A quiet kiss
The one you wouldn’t have to feel
Not a little
But your fear
Would only corrupt this

Love is for everyone
Not just for you
Is my light too bright
Am I troubling you?

Should I create a mist of love
Are you disappointed?
Embrace full of remorse
Only to wake up the same
I’m too old for such a game

The child became the man
I wish you the same thing
At all costs
Let go of your jealous roots
Open the French doors
Before the lie soon
Breaks you

You can’t stop love
And take it away from someone
It won’t do more for you
A hug full of remorse
By a resentful boy

You lock me outside

Stepping in the way
With all your insecurities

But like a child
I am innocent and pure
I just want to love
Why do you hurt me so

No, not even this will stop me

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at