Diving after
The energetic flow
Follow the rainbow
To the end of its cataclysmic
Beauty and opportunity

My search party
Keeps you first
At the very top of
Every list
Of missing persons
Life is not love
Without you
Though love is
A bounty that
Carries us through

I will not close my heart
I will not lock the cellar
I am a constant sound rapport
Return to me in sanctity
Poetic harmony

Every cell is wide stretched
Every breath a kiss
Floating in the wind
A butterfly net
In each hand
To catch all the
Love lost
Across the land

You can demand of me
More love
For I have buckets
Upon buckets
To expand
Across the Multiverse
Enough for everyone

Even if aliens should stand
In outer reaches
I am a friend to
All of those in need
My love doth bleed
From every pore
My love is rampant
In folklore
Even dragons tell
The tale of lives I’ve spared

There is no barricade
To stop the upside down
Views that will drop into
Perspectives that will trot away
With human logic
In dismay

I am your captain of love
I steer the ship
Acrobatic trapeze flip
Shooting headlong into
Any Armageddon

Believe me love
I’ll carry you
Believe me love
I’ll rescue you
Just as I delivered
Those before
Harbinger and sword
I am the angel of love
Knocking at your door

Blanket you in fragrant dreams
Melt away all anguished teams
Of panic and doubt
You are not a slave
To epidemics
Cross the boundary
Cross the bridge
My home is open
My heart is wedged
In the portal
That is vacuuming all worry

I’ll be a falcon for you
To ride on
Your albatross
I’ll fly you out of this
Lame sloth
I’ll guide you
Out with my lovers torch
Any love lost

I will recover you
I am familiar with
Your ringing
I know you even by
Your echo

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at