My eyelashes are wet
With the circumference
Of my desire for you
The empire I inspire for you
Although the iceberg of my
Patience melts slowly
As I sketch the outline
Of your drift
The existence between
My headphones rings
Like a distant
Church bell in my head
A century of crickets
Chirp in accolades of us
A line used to join our staffs
Carrying simultaneous parts
Along the stream of light
That blinds the funeral
For our love in a weighted
Ceremonial harbor
Floating up into
A resurrection of butterflies
After the wet chrysalis
Drips from each strand
Of our lashes
Synchronized into a pool
We kayak through
Together as the milk of
Our tomorrow feeds
The pasture of every beast
That bellows and bleats
Rejoicing in the favored
Emotions we have championed
Out above the surface
Of our bodies that
Meet the horizon of
Blue and green
I’m not afraid
To show you
Who I truly am
You are more mouthwatering
Than any dish
I’ve ever had

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at