Talk Talk Talk

She barks at the air
Contradicting her truth
She screams at
Water lilies when they’re
Not looking at her
Talk talk talk
Blah blah blah
How much of what she says
Is actually true?
Spitting over here
Vomiting over there
Words of yuck beguiling truth
All bubbled up
While she’s combing her hair
Talk talk talk
Blah blah blah
Where does any
Of this get you?
Shouldn’t you be exhausted
What will this all
Boil up to?
I think it comes from defeat
Seeking air from the grave
She only wants to be heard
Over and over she
Repeats herself
And asks for you to
As well
Repeat repeat
Because she cannot hear
What you say
She’s busy thinking and
Talk talk talk
Blah blah blah
Who knows what
Goes on in there
It doesn’t really change
Just wait for her to
Pop off like fireworks
If it’s quiet for too long
The signs are already there
Wait for it
It’s just pretending
If you think it’s
Getting better
You can hear her from
A mile away
And it’s the same
Standing two feet away
The tone doesn’t change
It’s just always yelling
But that’s her normal
Talk talk talk
Blah blah blah
There is no formal
Presence but to wear
A mask that parades
For others
What is classy to boot?
Just wait you might
Get lucky one day
If she knocks at
Your door
She’ll masquerade
For you too

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of & - Tea Maker & Owner of - Hair & Music at