Repeat Offense

I get most things that I want
She said
That is true
Except for one thing
And that’s you
I recalled

That’s all
I want to be
I recalled
That’s all
Just that
Like a dog
Full of and
Giving love

Lapping at the
Cheeks of adoration

Is this sweat or tears
Chopped up logs of fear
Or are you the fireplace in me?
I rub my fingers together
Rough like crocodiles
Two matches
And a pile of ashes

Is the attraction just an image
Or a person
Same people
Same outcome
Looking for a different one

I began to love the sound
Of her leaving
But of course
I missed her too
The way a person
Misses the apples
In their absence
From the orchard
In the winter
Although they’ll be
Invited back

Unlike her

Some things are hard
Some things are soft

And apples bruise

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Geino Äotsch

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