When I say that it hurts
When I tell you that you hurt me
You only say I hurt you too
You say you’re doing things
Too busy to respond
To any calls from my love
To all the texts from my heart
You couldn’t be bothered really
Inconvenient love
That’s me
I want to hear you say
I’m sorry that I hurt you
I’m sorry I’m too busy for your love
Too much going on
To share a moment at the time
That I needed you
Don’t ask this of me
You say
I give what I can
Not what you need
And when I say that it hurts
You only say that I hurt you too
You only say I’m busy
I’ve got things to do
Inconvenient love
Tell me you miss me
And then tell me to go away
How can I tell you that it hurts
When you can’t see me
I want to believe that you love me
But it’s always on your terms
It takes a long time
For the heart to relearn
How to love when the love
The heart loves isn’t loved
In return

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Geino Äotsch

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