Everything Is Okay

How dare you break my heart
The people that hurt us
We might say this to
But they can’t apologize because they
Don’t know how and we
Just smile and say that it’s okay

Everything is okay

My reality is so powerful
The feelings that come through
About my perceptions
Are stronger than usual
Especially about you

The more difficult or new
The conversations that I’m having
The more telling the dream
Like an argument with a best friend
A lunch with a person
Whom is no longer a stranger
Somehow because
I thought I saw potential
But what did I see
When I saw you
Is it my pandemic brain
Or is it really true
Is this true?

What are we
Are we this
What is this
If this is everything

Than everything is okay

© GÄ

Nothing & Everything

Nothing is the same
Everything has changed
Isn’t that what we said
When the sun rose yesterday
Everything is changing
Nothing is the same
But everything would mean nothing
If nothing ever changed
Watch the roses open
See her petals fall
Hymns are never changing
The church folks sing them all
Same birds always flying
Different ones for sure
Sometimes bees are dying
Making honey all the more
Bedtimes shift with seasons
Miracles they come ‘round
But surely they will go
Just as waters currents
Are ebbing as they flow
If ever we were living
In a world that never changed
What would we end up learning
Pass the times to rearrange?
I miss the friends I saw on Tuesday
But then again I miss the ones
From many many years ago
I’ll surely make some new ones
With forty years ahead or more
Everything is changing
Nothing is the same
But everything would just mean nothing
If nothing ever changed

© GÄ

Fever for You

You send chills
Up my body and
Into my bed
A magical place
Where I suddenly
Remember everything
I forgot to do
You’ve got such a
Nice glow about you
Lanterns hanging above us
Swinging about
Rockabye love
In your arms
Albeit likely
Virtual for the time being
But you’ll be here
Coming around the later
Clock hour
I’d wait all night for you
Waitin’ for you is a tease
And a blessin’
You keep me guessin’
Suppose that makes me
Hotter for you
Like I’ve got a fever for you
Can’t hardly tell the difference
Between honey on bread
Or your lips on me
There’s a certain music
That plays in my head
When you’re around
Different than the tune
I hear when you’re not around
That song pines a bit
I’ve got the incense lit
Watching it draw shapes
Around the room
Reminds me of the shape of you
The way it lingers in the air
It hangs like the memory
Of your essence when you leave
Even though I know you’ll be back
I always play like it will be
The last time I see you
It makes my passion ride deeper
Faster in the way that
Jumping hurdles gives you
A kind of high
Like you can do anything
Every time we jump another
I feel my blood rise
I even want to bust out cryin’
Just a little at least anyway
To know that we have this
Somebody take my temperature
The doctor says I’m fine
Maybe their’s just no thermometer
For a sickness of this kind

© GÄ