Off Of

My lips are hot
My heart is not
What else do we need
It’s only six thirty
It’s only a millisecond from
The rest of our lives
An empty chalice
An upside down bed
Even if the sheets
Aren’t fitted
The test is all in our heads
I can love you
Twisted on the floor
Broken bodies
Broken hearts
Thirsty for more
My lips are hot
My heart is not
This could be the last attack
This could be the very best way
To break my back
There’s nothing I want more
Than to fall off of your balcony

© GÄ


Sometimes it’s over
Before you start
Even after we hope
And believe it a victory
To go upstairs
Unpacking to
Create a gift
Never given

Although something happens
It’s still not there

Unlocking doors
Directing the gaze
Looking in all directions

Sometimes it’s just to find the balance
Sometimes it’s for affection

Feelings of shyness
Nevertheless trying
Offer the heart
Engine is starting
The gears are all moving
Towards something
And then that

Hard to swallow
Dream of something
Coming soon

The nests are knocked out
Trees catch fire
Power lines cut
Yet your love will still bloom
The grass will still grow
Earth will always appear
Blue and green down below

Intention and destiny
Will prove that the rest
May fall like a cat

© GÄ