In That Room

Where do you go
When you have no where to turn
When up is a cup of pleasure
That ends at the break of dawn
Certainly what is good
Will come out of it
Still the will to want more
Can fall short at the door
Also fancy footwork
In the making
Choreographing the days
To mimic the moments related
To joy and wanderlust
In a bed full of friends
On a couch with no space
For even one more rear end
Squished into the happiness
The laughter that lasts
Forever and ever after
As the calendar flips along
And the days droll and flounder
Month after month
Year after year
Remember my dear
The fun that we had
Don’t get too caught up
Becoming the businessman
You are also a bright glowing
Human of light and love
That knows how to have fun
In that room that you once
Found yourself satisfyingly tuned
To the station of life’s songful
Loon and an instrument to
Discovery not just robotically
Filling out forms
Paying the bills
Though you may catch your thrills
In different ways than before
Remember my dear
Have some fun like you did
When you were a kid
In that room

© GÄ


What does it mean
To be in a
And also have
A life for yourself?

What if being
A support to your partner
Means needing
Emotional support
For yourself?

Do we put this
On a shelf
Table it
Until the next one
Comes along?

Tell a different fairytale
To ourselves
Dragons and witches
Assholes and bitches
To one another
Failed attempts
At interdependence

Just like

Self imposed handcuffs
We can’t
Find our
Way out of
But then…

What if
We can be
Singular together
Then we
Could still enjoy
What it means
To be a lot less mean
To one another

Find the keys

Less strained
We have
More love gained
From the freedom
Of extenuating
Back breaking

Look for each other
In between
No expectations
A glass of champagne
And an exit
From pain

Like good friends laughing
Every night
In sweet refrain

© GÄ

Always Friends

She inquires nothing
Everything systematic
All mapped out

Even her smile is planned

She’s already forgotten why
It doesn’t matter anymore
Just going through the motions

I am the serial wife
She says
The traditional wanter
Of impossible feeling
I am her over sensitive other
She doesn’t care
It’s just another
Something to

To get over
To move on from

Head above water
A friendship wants to
Save itself
More important than
The title

If the fighting subsides
Then our hearts can reside
In a bowl of nourishing reunion

Our memories are our best assets
We will always have them to hold onto

This is our salvation
To rescue our love
For one another
Before it disappears

Making nothing into something
Always friends

© GÄ