Two Chairs

Two chairs
Stand beside each other
One of them is broken
The other one is covered
But the text won’t disappear
If the real thing
Is the same thing
That brought me here

Melt in the moments face
In this passionate space
Interim us
Nothing could replace

How did I
Fall asleep next to you
Knowing something
Like I never knew

How did I
Wake up here next to you
Watching my everything plunge into
The breath that woke me up today

Tears of wax
Like the candle we burned
On the bedside table last night

© GÄ


The morning is the same
As the night
The feeling is
Always too much
Strive for
The only way
I know how to be
This touch

Could we find a place
To grow together
Did I offend
Myself or you
Or both of us
Being who I am
Can do that

Tomorrow is bright
Today is dark
But every day
Is hopeful

And one day so are we
We are growing up
With each other
Like the devils

Forked in two

Feeling a glimmer of hope
In the midst of darkness
Like a possibility rising
Different from the star
That brought us here

The abnormal firing
of electrical impulses
Heart to heart

Affection is
The key
What else can we be
Is this the meaning
In our speech
Please say it

Say it to me

Turn the music up
Turn the lights off
Touch my face
Feel the tears
In my embrace

Left to the living we
Cry the most
Love the deepest

Left with everything
Hungering for

© GÄ