What Is What

I put the pieces together
Wrong sometimes
Deceived by my own love
Confused by my own senses
As free as I want to be
But too free for some
At least it seems
But not for all
The right
Fireworks happen
A spark a snap and
The moment carries
To spend time with
Those who want to have fun
To let go on many levels
Of course we’ll come back
To where we were
What’s so scary?
Why is it when we lose control
That fear finds a way in
Shouldn’t we be
Wandering through our thoughts
To find ourselves and one another
What’s wrong with dancing
What’s wrong with fear
What’s wrong with being
Called out for who we
Who are you
Have you asked yourself?
Are you near
Do you ask yourself
Like this?
Is this
Questionable behavior
I mean what am I asking?
Am I asking too much
Why am I asking?
Why does it feel like
I’m asking too much
We’re all wounded
Deep down
Let the lips loose
Let the tongue waggle
Let the soul out
Let the eyes dazzle
What is what
Where are we
What is here
When we choose
To be here now
Where are we
Where are
You now

© GÄ

Published by

Geino Äotsch

An artist & spiritual lover. Author of poeticword.com & tHEtERRYtREE.com - Tea Maker & Owner of goldenlungtea.com - Hair & Music at Geinos.com