The Question

I remember us as we were
Best friends in an oblivion of lust for life
Running to the beach every Sunday
Finding a reason to wake up together
You loved the time we spent together
The ideas that I shared with you
Willing to fly to any height
And once we reached the top
Of the never ending gift of forever
You found a way to say
Do it my way

Step by step innocence
Bringing me closer and closer
Never knowing that I would lose my Friend
And gain someone
Who wanted to control me
Out of fear for losing me
I’ve seen your kind before and left
Watching what I wear, when I sleep
Who I talk to and if you cannot control it
You take the friendship away
And punish me by removing yourself
Entirely from the picture
Temporarily erasing
The dream

I know you
Here I am again praying to resist the urge
To want to escape from you
Through some mind altering substance
It’s always the last card you can pull
Push me over the edge to get your way
Make me vulnerable enough to stay
The way you want me to

Is that how you want me?
Is this what you want from me?
We are moving at different paces
Different speeds
Different marathons
And you say you can’t receive me
Is it because
You’re too busy receiving yourself?
Am I just fucked up enough
For you to love?
Do you want something better?
Or should we always stay the same?
Never to blame
Always right
Forget the insight
Just continue to be
The same person
That no one will ever get to?
Yes I’m talking to you

What do you do
When you don’t have to track me
Like a wolf after prey
She is ready to find you
To control you to protect you
From yourself

Do you see me for who I am?
Can you glorify that?
Can you lift it up
Without wanting to possess it
To take credit for it?
Must you receive recognition
For everything you do?
Is this relationship just an opportunity
To get it right for yourself
And if it’s so
How is controlling me
Allowing you to see clearly?

You are the question I cannot answer
The flame I cannot light
The dance floor I cannot find
Always hiding in the dark
Behind the trees
Catching everyone off guard
Including yourself
Wouldn’t it just be easier to open the door
When someone knocks?
Hiding from it all including yourself
In the tide amongst the rocks
There is a wall to get to you
And many have refused to climb it
Those that have tried
Are met by more bricks
You continue to build the closer I get

Every color changes
Every pathway ends
Every cloud floats away
I want to breathe your essence in
But you keep it caged so well
That letting go feels like death to you
Just like the bird
You let escape from our home
I can find you too
I can catch your spirit
And bring you home too
If only you could set yourself free
Just enough to believe
Can you answer why
This is the question
For me

© GÄ

What Is What

I put the pieces together
Wrong sometimes
Deceived by my own love
Confused by my own senses
As free as I want to be
But too free for some
At least it seems
But not for all
The right
Fireworks happen
A spark a snap and
The moment carries
To spend time with
Those who want to have fun
To let go on many levels
Of course we’ll come back
To where we were
What’s so scary?
Why is it when we lose control
That fear finds a way in
Shouldn’t we be
Wandering through our thoughts
To find ourselves and one another
What’s wrong with dancing
What’s wrong with fear
What’s wrong with being
Called out for who we
Who are you
Have you asked yourself?
Are you near
Do you ask yourself
Like this?
Is this
Questionable behavior
I mean what am I asking?
Am I asking too much
Why am I asking?
Why does it feel like
I’m asking too much
We’re all wounded
Deep down
Let the lips loose
Let the tongue waggle
Let the soul out
Let the eyes dazzle
What is what
Where are we
What is here
When we choose
To be here now
Where are we
Where are
You now

© GÄ

After Awhile

Why am I thinking about you
Even though we just met?

It was probably the smile
On your face in the moment I left

You like my music as
I’m cruising up
You like my interest
in your origin?

If I’m attracted to you
Would this be a sin?

Am I against your religion
Or do I hit the mark?

Is it the gleam in my eyes
Or the beam on my face?

Did I catch you off guard
Pumping gas in my car?

Or was it the flirting between us
As you stood at my door

I’m not afraid to get out
Stand beside you say hi

I said I need a guide
You thought I said a guy

Ya I’m into you
And you can play dumb

But I’ll be direct
If I think you’re the one

You say you don’t understand me
But you sure know how to smile

See you next time perhaps
After awhile

© GÄ