Take my hand
And walk with me
From here into

Across the petals
Of our souls
Above the Universe

Our names embedded
In the stars
Footsteps in sands
All over Mars

And volcanos meet
Rising chemistry

One hundred and
Eighty three moons believe
In our

Comets bolt
In yellow gold
Sanskrit scribed
In tales of old

Mutual heat
In flames between
The color of red
That cherries dream

Lightning dances
At our feet
Black holes
Form exhibiting

The gravity
Our love defies
Angels will sing
Demons will cry

Walk with me
Through horizons light
Where morning makes love
To the night

© GÄ


In the corner the edges
Are deep and blue
Rivers of metal
And unadheased glue

My heart has Indian eyes of three
As I watch you push the color red
Here behind the succulent view
Of that which keeps others

The branches and wisps
Where capillaries flow
Outside of the chambers
And under the snow
Of my body falling
Upwards into a
Tornado of

With you

In the shape of
A scent that
Is luscious

A dream of brown skin
That is precious
An occasion of bliss
That is pure with
Of love

All over my body

© GÄ


Sometimes it’s over
Before you start
Even after we hope
And believe it a victory
To go upstairs
Unpacking to
Create a gift
Never given

Although something happens
It’s still not there

Unlocking doors
Directing the gaze
Looking in all directions

Sometimes it’s just to find the balance
Sometimes it’s for affection

Feelings of shyness
Nevertheless trying
Offer the heart
Engine is starting
The gears are all moving
Towards something
And then that

Hard to swallow
Dream of something
Coming soon

The nests are knocked out
Trees catch fire
Power lines cut
Yet your love will still bloom
The grass will still grow
Earth will always appear
Blue and green down below

Intention and destiny
Will prove that the rest
May fall like a cat

© GÄ

Trust is Truth

Hearing the truth
Is awkward
It can be daunting

To be
In total control
Over what I do

Why would one want to?

I am an energy
Driven person
I consider all things
How I make my move

If I tell you the truth
Will you accept it?
Or will you make me
Want to regret it?

The only growth we have
Is the chance we take
In sharing the reality
That ignites our fate

If we speak the truth
We live the truth
To seek the truth
Will refuse
Any clouded
Passive imagination
That will mask
Our crystal view

I don’t want to fake it
Till we make it
This would create
A false pretense
We can be the truth
A sad defense

Behold our honesty
Trust so brilliant
Clear and shining through
Without cruel restriction
To discover
Balanced truth

© GÄ


The mist is like a gift
Refreshing on the face
Of Sunday morning
Left and right
It sways
The wind displays it’s cordial
Gratitude handled with
Delicate affection

What is romance?
Is it a fascination
A carrot dangling
On a string
Is it enchantment
In the forest
Hid behind
A childlike fling?

Is it a courtship
Of intrigue
That leaves us
Dancing in the street
A love affair
Of fleeting moments
One hundred brush strokes
In your hair

A flirting rendezvous
That sets off fireworks in your eyes
The moss that’s clinging
To the walls
The ivy climbing
To disguise
A secret second
That beholds
A glance a kiss
A dream in blue
Watching clouds
That shift and shape
To take the form
Of what is you

Like the flowers on a tree
The petals falling
Like the shadow that
Is following the
Steps we
Cannot see

Is it the laugh that
Rings the bell
Above the writing
Wishing well
Or the pail that gathers
Water bringing
Hearts up
To prevail?

Tangled in the sheets
Leftover imprints in the bed
The scent the pillow case
Has left
From the curls upon
His head

Is it the anxiousness I feel
Waiting to hold you once again
Or the excitement in my nerves
Before it starts that it
Could end

© GÄ


The words are ready

Not knowing exciting
Where it could go

Pendant that butterflies move
My adventures of lust
In the corridor
For your heart

I have a few rare moments
When looks like yours
Like a summit
Blink before me

Something new

I imagine you are blushing
Arouse me

I imagine your fervor
Restores me

No burning desire
Or thirst could plunge
Without mirrored
Tongue affection

This can be
Our direction
I’m open

Could we

© GÄ

Love Came to Me

Love came to me
It was as sweet a scent
I remember and recall
From long long time ago

When it arrived
It offered nothing but itself
Which for as long as
It would choose to stay
Was more than enough time

Surprise took me by my breath
Away love came to me
And with no warning
Dressed in arms so graciously

Love’s embrace swept in
Then left again

© GÄ


In appreciation for
Such energy felt
I climbed outside
Of the exhausted self

Recall of slipping
The fingers between
My hand found the edge
Of his calico seam

Eyes open I noticed
His lips had escaped
Like a tower of softness
Had melted away

A sideways view
Of the spiritual extreme
The tossed twist reality
Of a really good dream

© GÄ