Oh How

Oh how you have struggled
Like a wing with a broken bird
Oh how your spoiled prayers
Have found regret
When they’ve been heard

Your pirouette on this earth
Is a delicate stance
That monitors the breathing patterns
Of the dragons dance

When to leap?
First your left foot
Then my right foot
No guarantee to reach the middle
When the distance behaves like this
Oh how it comforts
The break in each finger
To replace the absence
With your melody

Fine tuned thread
That wakes the dead
You rest your head
On green blades
To find comfort
Where we hesitate
This is the miracle
I will unearth it
With your spade

Blue stains on bricks
Roots give
Pulled through fragile openings
Memories that want to live
They devour your reflection

Stroll the trees
Past the night
We walk inside the kite
That flies about our sky

© GÄ

Broken Arms

Robin flies over my head
One less smile upon the earth
Life is not what we’d expect
Especially when we’re dead
Psychics don’t win lotteries
No one could guess
You wouldn’t be here
When I woke up
The next morning
My arms are broken
Without you in them

To see the light at
The end of a tunnel
Is to see your face
To know the romance and
The friendship of your
Is to know that I
Had a taste of something
Really special
Some magical moment
For an extended period of time
But now that’s gone
At least the part
About you being here

But spiritually I hold onto
Images of you in the smoke
Impressions of you
In the shadows
Darting eyes that scan
From side to side
For some quick capture of you
As it was behind the lens
Of my camera
And the recording
Of the silver frame
In my mind

You were my movie star
My silver screen walking
Like a dream across the street
Behind me waving sweetly
And you still are my
Movie star
Just in a different form
I wasn’t ready for you
To become one of the stars
In the sky
Why now
Why now

I hug a friend who loves me
As much as you did
They remind me that your love
Is still alive
And that you’re always with

With us

There was a fire
We didn’t know
I couldn’t rescue you from
What the end would become
My beautiful friend
Now enflamed
A record of your power
Stands to tower stronger
More than ever now
You didn’t leave quietly
No one will forget
The majesty you

A walking rose
Atop the legs of a queen
My love for you is infinite
Don’t forget that
Or about me
I’ll be chanting your name
Every morning just the same
You stand with me
At the altar of my heart
Beneath the wings of
Every protective light
What else can I do?
My arms are broken
Without you

© GÄ