I had a chance
To take you in my mouth
Okay wait
Let me slow down
Breathe a moment
Grab the leftovers
Hold on
I don’t have the qualifications
To unpack that
But I can open up
To becoming more excellent
Future up to being
More extenuating
Less guarded
More humanly susceptible
My finest grace will be
Not to become a ghostly version
Of myself

© GÄ

The Chance

Moved by you in ways
I can’t explain
I let my tears
Make purpose rain

I wish I would have had
The honor of knowing you
Your presence astounds
Even the acceptance of itself

Thank you, for what you
Have given me
Is more than anyone
Could have known to give

In sadness I struggle
Because your beauty is so striking
I wish only that everyone
Could witness just how
Incredible you are

Somehow overlooked
I know that no one
Could have ever
Loved you in the way
That you deserved
Because I never had
The chance

© GÄ