I had a chance
To take you in my mouth
Okay wait
Let me slow down
Breathe a moment
Grab the leftovers
Hold on
I don’t have the qualifications
To unpack that
But I can open up
To becoming more excellent
Future up to being
More extenuating
Less guarded
More humanly susceptible
My finest grace will be
Not to become a ghostly version
Of myself

© GÄ

Dinner With a Ghost

When all you want
Is to be held
When all you want
Is for someone to feel your pain
I can do that
I know what it’s like
To want to be held
I know what it’s like
To want someone to understand that pain
To say I’m sorry
In the deepest sorted quarry of
Ripped off emotion
An ocean
Of true love
A selfless offering yet
With my own need to be loved

Jump in head first
Feet first it doesn’t matter
To absorb and be absorbed
I somehow thought I was different
Now I know that I’m the same

Glossing over me
Taking off the show
To hold a frame of mind
In place while
So many fantasies are falling apart
So many pieces from
A broken heart

Can’t fix the hurt
Can’t fix the hurt
It wouldn’t work

Chasing the hope of
Having you close
Is just like having
Dinner with a ghost

© GÄ