Distant Song

The one thing
Seems always searching
Sparkle of hope in your eyes
All built up in excitement
Perfect fingers
Perfect toes
Gorgeous eyes
Gorgeous nose

My fingers burn to stroke
My lips missing every detail
Of your secret
My palm can feel the breath
In your stomach
Little hairs echo hello
On my skin
And leave an imprint long
And stretching
Lost in waiting
For everything wanted

On the bus
Pretending to focus
Your canvas at the edge of my mouth
Our eyelashes combing one another
All the trees around us are melting

It’s just like I pictured
And nothing is framed
As I thought it would be

I will wait
For fate to reveal itself
To conjure up the muscle
Behind what is patient for me
Tolerant for us

When can I touch you
I’ve been tempted so long
When does the labyrinth
Open doors distant song

© GÄ

Not So Distant

What is beautiful
When it floats past you
A glimmer of hope
Or the smoky essence
Of a dream that you
Have been waiting
To appear to you
In waking life
Before your eyes
Would we know it
I think I do
When I look at you
To find the words
Only a picture
A fantasy
So far away
Like you
But real
A connection can be made
Regardless of the
Turning over in my bed
Thoughts rolling in my head
These sheets are empty
Yet so full
Miracles of touching you
In my sleep astrally
I heard your voice
You said a name
Was it a place?
Should we meet there
I’ve never been
I opened up my atlas
To determine just how
Far you actually are
It’s a village
An actual space
I’ve never heard of it before
But you made sure
I understood the words
Never to forget
The name
Repeating it again
And again
I woke up with your voice
An echo of your words
Arresting my lips

© GÄ