Not You

I can have sex with him
I can make love to her
But they are not you!
I can kiss his lips
I can taste her sweetness
But they are not you!

© GÄ


Is there departure
Into a darkness!
Is there destruction
In paradise!
What is this grave
Called heaven!

Eternal flight
Into the great life after death
A place where time
Has no conscience
A place where fire
Cannot breathe
A space where
You and I break
Forth into

The overpowering
Bliss of sex
Allowed to run wild
A simple answer
Rhythmic smiles
The principle of
Sublime centuries
Forms of thought
Have been painted
Over long periods
Of time

By us

Spirit and matter
Cosmic examples evolve in
Abstract tenderness
Idols sculpted in
Our auras
Conjure up a
Mutual light

Beauty does not fade
Tension is released
Evolution of life giving
Courtyards beckoning
To kiss the feet
That we gave up
In crossing over
Two complete

Unopposed spiritual progress
A sword illuminates
Exploring hidden treasures
In a world that we create

Nine energies deployed
Brutality defied
Yin and yang predominately
Becoming unified

What happens after
We turn into
Every unselfish color
Expressed by our
Instinctive desires
To love without hands
The midnight hour
In which we have no view

Our capacity to hear
Needs no ears
Our capacity to see
Needs no eyes
Our capacity to be
Who we truly are
We cannot hide
And will not die

A three pronged spear
Volcano heart
Bodies gripped by our
Depart twisting in
Sexual alchemy
Our nonexistent parts

What happens after
Life is over
Do we begin!
Continue on!

You are the afterlife
That flowers
Mountains of stardust around me
Majestically empowers
Every seed
Before my kite song
Can take flight
Export gracefully
Into a renaissance
Of what
We have propagated
Several times
Upon the earth
In old days

Becoming forth
The great beyond
Where we arrived
Before the astral

© GÄ