Just Wait

How little do we know
How indescribable are those
That touch us in romantic ways
Without touching us at all

Figments of imagination
Joyous points of exhalation
Screaming inside with desire
Quietly composed with
Invigorating fire

Enjoying every moment
Silently traverse
Within ourselves

If I say nothing
Will you hear me anyway
If I do nothing
Will you simply walk away

Do I move
Or remain still
With everything I feel

© GÄ

At the Door

The red birch chair
My underwear naked in this seat
That feels entirely too cold
To fasten ass in

My pattern of effect
Has lost the luster
Often stretched
Into the meaning
Found in every moments death

Kind and distant waves
Fish and swim about
Airs rage
Wind caught gasping, gaped
In tolerant behavior

A soundless sigh
Exhales the universe
Almost forgotten
Before the first
Is leveled out
Across the bank
Of indication

Proud-like roar
The cane like floor
That bothers to abandon
At the door

When the push
Is flaccid posture
That desires
So much more
Will awakens
Bound to break
And scold release
In lacerations
Cardinal to the making

The candid richness
Of a song
And gone
Before the breakfast table
Sets itself to feast

The bitter china
Still and quiet
In my cabinet
Cannot bring
The mean and matter
To displace
Where spoons and forks
Have always known
They had a place

© GÄ

When We

We want to know the story
Before we write it
We know we shouldn’t ask for things
We think we cannot get
Whatever tomorrow brings
Will be above where feelings end
Because our feelings cannot end
Tomorrow or even the day after
Nothing ends with feeling
It’s only the beginning

Our subtle influence around us
Is our weight but not the date
We set to accomplish by
Running moral races toward
Our hope for others
We grow at different paces
But feel held back by
Broken faces that relent
To let us shine

It is unique to our own jaws
To speak our truth without
The universal laws or destined
State in which we leave our empty plate
We do our dish we do not wish
For someone else to clean it up
And if surroundings are not
Up to chosen standards

We focus on what makes it work
Knowing the mystery will surface
Show it’s glorious bloom
Even in winters cold
Even amongst the blackest gloom

How things began
Are just the inkling
To what they will become

© GÄ


The immeasurable weight of light
Thunders through with strengthening fire

At every blind moment
Shining what it brings
Brilliant Spirit all round
Protective ring
Protective sound

Streams of light
Waterfall in solar support
Rising up and dripping down

Toward outer beams
Survival dreams
I call the Calvary to court
A thousand horses
Race in angelic ample speed
Reinforcing every aspect
In their readied wild steed

Saddled candid moments claim
The inner child and twin flame
To rise above the pit
Into the vast terrain
Of flawless joy

© GÄ


L’amour peut te briser
Quand ça te rend ivre
Comme une mère ou un amant
Tenir un corps de douleur sans vie

Quelque chose que tu as perdu
La seule chose que tu aurais pu aimer
Exactement de cette façon

Passé la lumière dans la tache
Des chambres souillées dans ton cœur
Au fond de toi, amour vivant
Découvre toujours ton étincelle

Boire la lumière des étoiles
Violon apaisant et chant de violoncelle
Devenez un instrument d’amour à porter
Tiens entre tes mains

S’incline doucement comme une brise
Se balançant doucement de l’arbre de l’amour
Parmi les roseaux

© GÄ


Sometimes I need to wrap myself
Really tight
Sometimes I need to let myself
Sometimes I need to hide within
The cave of my despair
The despair that no one knows
That I protect them from
Because the beauty of the cocoon
Is in me
The butterfly is the becoming and
My truest shining self

Maybe this is hard for you
Troubling for anyone to see
This is why
I cannot show it to anyone
Because it is the part of me
That is dying
And beginning to be reborn again
The alien that pushes through

Maybe we can be more than friends
But maybe we’re not lovers
Because loving that part of me
Is the darkest part yet
And no one should want to
Even if some do

I may need to pass out
To feel myself again
The metamorphosis is
The becoming
The time to do nothing
The time to hideout
The time to hibernate
The time to call on the gods
To protect me
Even when I cannot protect myself

There is a precious light deep within
That wants to begin again and
Again and again
How many times can I portray this
In different ways?
How many days until
The ultimate conveys
The shiny gift of life

The one that has been taken from
Left here inside of me
It is in me
My unpredictability to confirm
To commit to a tiny sliver of time
That is mine

I can only share this with those who
Can handle this side
It isn’t controlled
It is free to roam about my soul
Investigate the whole
Every part of me

What have you been up to?
Working so much
Doing so much
All the time

This is a time for feeling and
The bitter sad parts that deserve to
Have a voice
I have no choice when I cocoon
When I weave a loom of darkness
Beneath the moon
Inside my heart

The answer
A rare sight of darkness and light

Sometimes I need to wrap myself
Really tight
Sometimes I need to let myself
Sometimes I need to hide within
The cave of my despair
The despair that no one knows
That I protect them from
Because the beauty of the cocoon
Is in me
The butterfly is the becoming and
My truest shining self
Shining beneath the moon
Inside my heart

© GÄ

Trop Habile

Confort sans espace
Vous contrariez
Ma grâce

Ton visage mystérieux
Des galops marqués par l’allure

Ce que nous n’admettons pas
Est ce que nous savons déjà
Ce que c’est
Et ce que c’était avant

Une défense habile

© GÄ

To Begin With

When nothing bad has taken place

And yet somehow you feel it has
Even your grace is

Seeking answers
When the answers
Exist somewhere
Already deep inside you

When you don’t share much
But then you share it all
From your heart
Seeking comfort from somewhere
Who cannot give it
Who does not feel it
Who could not hear it
When they don’t know

You find it
In yourself
You become

Strength is light
Vulnerability is strength

Persistent disturbing
Preoccupation with
Unreasonable ideas and
Intrusive thoughts
Even in a pure act
Are toxic

Take note
Most folks are intent
Focusing on their own issues

Revoke the shame
Overshare yourself
Unleash yourself
Do not hold back
Say what is in your heart

Say what is in your heart

Stretch your soul

Seek emotional support
Outside as well as in
Manage uncertainty
How much do the things
That you’re worried
About hurting you

How can the truth
Destroy you?

I’m letting go
Saying everything
Release the geese

If the ones you wanted to be close
Don’t stick around
You’ve found
From what you chose
To say
They might not be here

Let time pass
Check back in
And you may find

It never mattered
To begin

© GÄ


I cannot take a lover
If I cannot find him
I might have

Your hands aren’t what
I thought they were
Somehow lighter
Than before

Your lips so lush
But not as ripe
In sober light
For tasting as
They were
When your
Tongue was
A week
In the

Trees recall
Our memory
Like your spine
My favorite tree
“I’m not a tree,”
You said
I disagree

Arms around
Stretching out
In one another
Streams of sunlight

Cold yet

Wearing her gold
Would you
Wear my stone?

Interpretation of strands
Random hairs
Dancing on our clothes
In the wind
Is this one yours
Or mine?
Perhaps its ours
Or just the dogs

Standing between graves
Like the beginning
Or the end
Of something

I’m sure it’s

And still
He wants to know
Where is
The gin

© GÄ