Love Me

I woke up
With tears in my eyes
Crying for you
Opened deodorant left on the bed
Scrambled in your head

Why didn’t I love you more?
Why didn’t we spend more time?
Life is so distracting
How do we forget what’s important
Until after someone dies

In my dream I didn’t want
To make it in this life without you
I couldn’t imagine it

Grandpa was there
To hold me
Even though he was
Gone before you

I guess the missing never ends
And there’s really never enough time
So the time we had is perfect
And the time we have is
Left up to us
At my altar
In the garden
You’re still a part of me

In every flower
In every tree
You rescue me

No matter where you are
No matter where you went
I know that you just
Love me

© GÄ

Even Roses Die

My grandma Rose
May have died
But she’s really still alive
Still here on earth
Still breathing out
In her own way

Inside my heart

I wish the Universe
Could say
Not at this time
This one’s not mine

But her hands were needed
For gardening the skies
Expressing thoughts
In clouds floating by

Propagating love

It makes no sense
How I could be
Here on earth without you
Experiencing life
When life has always been
About you

Honest intention
Simple truth
Big imagination

It seems impossible
That I could be zoetic
Waking everyday
Without your words prophetic
Without your physical presence
And yet I’m here building
The life I never
Thought that I could build
Which tells me that
Your essence is
All around me

Your blood is light

I could never do this
Without you…

Yes even roses die
But they return
Nature is unending
As is your spirit
Climbing through
The concrete cracks
Your love is sending
Me the messages I need
In every step
In every day
I know without a doubt
Your heart is always with me

© GÄ