Mother Nature

Find yourself there
Instead of covered
Walking through the splendor
Against the ascending
Merciless moans
Some folks start out
Some folks start out
No matter where life begins
It seems we all
End up the same
Perhaps in some
Quiet October
Baring humility
With leaves burnt orange
And pink red trees
We have no choice
Mother Nature
Makes the call
Even the hushed crows
Watch as the foliage falls
Enchanted expressions
There is no voodoo speech
To stop the universe
From whence its tracks
Will not be shamed
Tomorrow cannot boast
Snare not what shall be cast
Along the coast
On long winds tail
No bitter tea
Shall we drink less
Nor breath inhale

© GÄ

Love for Self

If ever I have seen
With the intensity of eyes
It is now

If ever I have
Been aware
It is now

I couldn’t ask for
A better place to be

The ambience
The dress
The success of nothing less
Than pure love for the self

More room for loving
That which draws

Even in dark paths

The sleeves
Slip up around
The angry bark
Of bitter delight

The leaves
Into the blue

A freedom tonic

As I blend so well
With tree

As we bend eternally
Environment exists
When we become it

Endless chance
And all that we create
Will now succumb it

© GÄ