Lemon Tree

I refuse to believe
That your night song
Is not with me

Multifaceted nature
Endlessly ever promising
To strike our
Unconditional wish match
Into a yellow flame made with
Salty flint
Eternal fool
For love

Whatever is this
Lust for lucky

Blanket of stars
Above the furies
Beat the heart
With savory sparks
Lego construction
Piece by piece
Each one rather

Build me up
We contrive what we
Decide to collect lemons
For from each our trees
What will we make of these
In our grove

A delicious tonic

© GÄ

In Her Tree

I fear that in this
Somehow founded animosity
A stain has merged
Into a monstrosity
And I am climbing
Every limb of your tree

The tide that passes
Through you
Is heavy as the night
Can weigh upon us
And my soul
Is raw from tire
Ripped with spite

I am empty from
The energy I spend
To make things whole again
And all the tears
I cry that bleed
Are extracted
Pushed out
Rejected antidotes

Funny how the words
I feel at once
Can root from hurt
When all that I had planted
In was love
Turned spoiled soil

The carriage is empty

She is beautiful to me
But I’m exhausted from her tree

© GÄ


Beaches waiting for us to embrace
The sun sparkling on our skin
Together again

No fear for touch
To be near one another
To embrace and run
With the light of the prophets
I find you nestled
In the crevice of my heart
Spun like gold
From the wheat
Planted by the
Hands of the
Most powerful

Cast the fire from each fingertip
Burn it up with the love
Of an international passion
I carry the fear the weight
I fly with the grandmothers
And the grandfathers
Of all

Into one tree
From the roots of every soul
Together we are whole
A home for every child and every bird
On the limbs of our
Collective fold

I am with you
I am always with you

Sandcastles in the sky
Every cloud that passes by
Every heart beat that defies
The ugly that crawls up to
Extinguish our light

My hands are on your head
My fingers in your hair
You are my prayer

© GÄ

The Difference

I suppose the difference
Is me
I imagine impossible
I want what makes life
To come to me
To come to us
But I feel also helpless
Almost boring
Not because of you
But because of me

Goodbye to being
This carefree
It’s turning into
Thinking about
Too many things
That’s what being alive can be
Even unintentionally
To try thinking less
And just being
Sounds very comfortable
But not realistic
Wait and see
I’m hopeful
I’m happy we had this moment
I feel a bit like timber
In a forest full of trees
Fallen down
Or leaning
Heavily at least
Towards you

© GÄ

Love for Self

If ever I have seen
With the intensity of eyes
It is now

If ever I have
Been aware
It is now

I couldn’t ask for
A better place to be

The ambience
The dress
The success of nothing less
Than pure love for the self

More room for loving
That which draws

Even in dark paths

The sleeves
Slip up around
The angry bark
Of bitter delight

The leaves
Into the blue

A freedom tonic

As I blend so well
With tree

As we bend eternally
Environment exists
When we become it

Endless chance
And all that we create
Will now succumb it

© GÄ