This isn’t reversible
Lover beware
Broken in so many places
Try not to stare
At my vulnerabilities
Callousness despair
Inhibit your cruelty
When you take down your hair
Find a new way to scout
To shout out
About yourself
Don’t take away my birthday
Just out of curiosity
Did someone neglect you
Forget to protect you
We will no longer need to
Pretend that you care
Wish for what we cannot be
I am dancing in my liberty
No longer detest that I’m invading
You when I call
Don’t have to think about it
At all
Fuck the boundaries
I’m ready to meet somebody new
And uncover a mountain of love
Uncover a mountain of truth
With me would you
If you care for love
If you care for intimacy
Heart shattering ecstasy
Position yourself
In close proximity to my energy
Remembering please
Allegations of interest are waisted
In ambivalent spaces

© GÄ

Another Day

Jealousy or truth
If you like dessert
Desire to peruse
To find your way
Across the floor
To then behold the nearest spoon
I’ve made the sweetest
Honey dust just for you

Oh manipulation
Undefined a simpler way
Of saying thank you
To you for pleasanter times

For all the everything
Each casual nothing
All is forgiven
Clocks unwind
Nothing needless be returned
We both know
The greatest gift
Will always be
In the reflection
Of the mirror to
Our freedoms

Light the candle
Not to betray but to
Accelerate the fire
Of a burning cirque de soleil
For each warm color
Juggled out through the
Window on display
Is not with doubt
But hope for giving
Up the trapeze
Flight midway

A lesson left in letting go
Not holding on
For what is gone
Another day

© GÄ