Spring Free

Your love blows the branches
Of destiny and pleasure around me
Cradle rocks the lullaby
White winter
May soon fly by
But your concrete feet
Stand taller than the sky
To say goodbye
To any distance
From the breath
Throughout your leaves
Your plant sings sweetly
About the bird
That serenades within the tree
Of never knowing
How it will rise
In perched commitment

© GÄ

Friend or Lover

We are probably very different
In some ways
But very similar in many others
Could you love me like a lover
Or rather love me as a brother
Is it bizarre that I can accept

To not get lost
I would choose you
In one way or another

Although I think of you first as a lover
I can accept you as a brother
A spirit of kinship
Someone to teach
Someone to teach me
Full of ideas
To keep the touch even
As friends

Let go of questions
And arrive

Before the end

As we are
Let it be from life to come
Answers drop down
From the sky
Though disguised
Let it go
Let it flow
In a natural way
Let it evolve
Days uncounted
Years to stay

What is a best friend
After all
What is a lover
Have we fallen
What is the difference
Of another?

Are they the same
Can we find out
Are they related
In some way
Only time can tell
But to ask you

I cannot yet

Risking to lose you
By my asking
Isn’t worth it

© GÄ


Passant des gens anonymes
Me souriant
Vais je rencontrer quelqu’un d’autre?
Du lait descend la colline
Avec grand vitesse

Une calèche d’orgueil
Retourne à pour me recueillir moi
Je ris profondément
De moi

Toutes ces vaches se moquent a regarder
Du lait descend la colline
Libre du lait
Libre de la foule

Comme je me réveille de mes rêves
Je plisses mon lit
Dans le milieu de la nuit

© GÄ

In Our Blood

Fall into an altered state
Golden hat for two
Crackling embers of a fire
If I composed a letter today
I would write one out
And send it off to you
Intention in every stroke
Every overcurve rising with my
Innermost thoughts
Every descender every slant
A heartfelt manuscript
Even the ink would be blessed
But I don’t know your address
I’m not sure where you reside
I watch the things you scribe
From a distance
Like watching the geese
Disappear in the mist
Of the morning fog
Your words gather in
Flocks of love
This way and that way
I am thunderstruck
Before the storm
The stove is warm
Inside my eyes
As I watch you prepare
A feast for the heart
Words the sweet divine
Passes through you
I see you too
Have the Gods in your blood
Creation is love
Love is divine
What is it like
To be with you?

The space between us
Is in particularly
Would it be a mouthful
If we were together?
It doesn’t really matter
I don’t know where you dwell
Perhaps it’s the in the sky
Underneath a shell
Somewhere in the sea
Or on an island waiting
For a letter just
From me

© GÄ


The grass is growing
Differently today
The air is rather still in a
Motionless array
The birds are very quiet in the sky
There’s not a lot of traffic
Driving by

The sun is pink and blue
Like a captain on a ship
The bowsprit of a unicorn
On a magic carpet trip
Flying by with wings

Is this reality
Or just another dream?

A swift illusion of the mind
Dancing through the winds of time
There is only one conclusion
My thoughts can seem to find

I must be thinking
Of you again
I must be missing you
My friend

I watch the clock

Fantasy in real-time
When I think of you
Memories of us
Flowers dancing in a group

Hand sewn tapestries we made
Fanning in the breeze
Promises to hold on
To each other endlessly

Deeper than just feeling
Friendship knit with grace
A cosmic love that’s so divine
The stars in outer space
Are bowing down

When we embrace

I miss your laugh
I miss your smile
I miss your face
And all the while

I must be thinking
Of you again
I must be missing you
My friend

© GÄ

Desi Love

A humble prince
A gorgeous spirit
A sovereign raajakumaar man
With open arms
A loving smile
Soft spoken words
A soul to play
Like a guitar

Where will one hand
Find the other
Upon which beach
Will our feet walk
Is there a place
Within the universe
For us to share
One heart?

I have a dream
In which you come
Into the garden
Where I write
I have a wish
In which you grant
When you will visit me
One night

I tell the moon about
My dreams
And the moon then
Tells the sun
Look in the rays of light
The tears of Surya
Raining down
With love

Although I am here
And you are living
Where you are
I know our ishq
I know our prem
Still shines between us
In the stars

© GÄ

Little Mahree

My little Mahree
She has everything she needs
My little Mahree
She likes to bully me
My little Mahree
It seems as if to me
I think I’ve spoiled thee
I’ve given too much
Without actually being received
Oh my little Mahree
Who has more than anyone needs

My little Mahree
Eats all the cake that she can find
My little Mahree
Often pretends that she is blind
Collecting all her friends
Throwing comments to the wind
My little Mahree
Will speak her mind all of the time

My little Mahree
Wears a face that’s hard to read
My little Mahree
She may be smiling but you see
My little Mahree
May just be planning to be mean
My little Mahree
Will use up everything in sight
My little Mahree
Will help me out then take my light

My little Mahree
She can be sweet on a good day
My little Mahree
She has a very specific way
My little Mahree
She has a plan but it’s most likely
For her hands
My little Mahree
Does not hold back
She makes demands

I love you my Mahree
I must be careful though with thee
My little Mahree
You know exactly what I mean
She may say one thing do another
She’s not quite like any other
My little Mahree
How does one understand your grief?

My little Mahree
Will give you all a kiss
But my little Mahree
Can most certainly dismiss
All of your feelings
If you do not suit her needs
My little Mahree is very special
So you see

My little Mahree
She loves me only when she wants
My little Mahree
Does anything even confronts
My little Mahree
Follows all her hearts desires
My little Mahree
Likes to start her tiny fires

My little Mahree must be free
To roam the town and swim the sea
My little Mahree
When will she ever settle down

My little Mahree plays best
If we are doing what she says
My little Mahree
Has yet to show us all the rest

© GÄ


Through the avenues of your heart
Back alley ways of love
I look around to see
If anyone’s coming

Is that you?

I can hear my voice echo when
I call out your name
Down the boulevard
Maybe you’re asleep
Somewhere in between
The street lamps

Walking over the bridge
Of your nose
In the hope to leave a trace
Some small particle of me
So that you know

I’m looking for you
So you can follow my scent
A footprint
To find your way
Into the comfortable safe
Space that I’ve made for you

In the home of my heart
There’s a place where you can lay
Curl up into the light
And the warmth behind my eyes
That only shines the way
It does when it’s looking back
At you

I hold a flame in my hand
Down a cobble stone path
Made of rock and clay
A thousand years old
Emotionally paved with
Tears of joy
Days and days
So many thoughts and dreams
We’ve painted

I’ll punch the devil
If he gets in our way

© GÄ


I want to kiss your lips
But I don’t even know you

I want to kiss your neck
But I don’t even know you

I want to hold you by your hips
But I don’t even know you

I can taste your sweetness
But I don’t even know you

I need to come to grips
I don’t even know you

I want to feel your chest
But I don’t even know you

This is craziness
I don’t even know you

You could figure out the rest
But I don’t even know you

© GÄ