Suspended by cords
On a canvas
Sketch it out
Draw the mythical

What a masterpiece
Fibers will paint
A sweet exposé
Still inertia
From bold
Into faint

Free the handle as bone
The ferrule as strength
Constructing a
Passionate muscle
To claim
The life
Of a generous

At the tips of my fingers
Nothing left here to linger
I dream under covers
In wait

The distance below me
The space up above me

Reach up into the howl
Every feather of fowl

Bows of rain
Without wonder
Will squander
Both scatter about

Slung like a scarf
Swinging couch
Lovers tarp
Of restraint

Chainless morning
Is dawning
Sun appears
Without warning

Bright new colors adorning

Bonjour just a
Footstep away

© GÄ

Love for Self

If ever I have seen
With the intensity of eyes
It is now

If ever I have
Been aware
It is now

I couldn’t ask for
A better place to be

The ambience
The dress
The success of nothing less
Than pure love for the self

More room for loving
That which draws

Even in dark paths

The sleeves
Slip up around
The angry bark
Of bitter delight

The leaves
Into the blue

A freedom tonic

As I blend so well
With tree

As we bend eternally
Environment exists
When we become it

Endless chance
And all that we create
Will now succumb it

© GÄ


Scratch the surface
Peel the tape
Reveal this timeless
Warm embrace
Ages will spurn
Our cosmic light
Lust after dust
Saturns return

Born in an
Empathetic sky
Heartaches unwind
Rings undefined
How perfect harmonies

Crescent by Crescent
Charm by charm
A sudden haze
A new moon phase
A pounding deep space

What love can do
What magnitude
Uncertain chains
Release the

Naked and hot
Look how we swarm
Comet eclipse
New planets form

Above the Earth
Twisting in bliss
A sensual amber

© GÄ


Beyond the broken words unspoken
Are the treasures on the pages
Of my soul and flourishing love
That rages underneath

Unending is the saturation
The dedication
To the promise
Of what love
Can seep so deeply
In between
From up above
Bequeath the seam
And all around

The ancient text
Beneath my chest
Beats in complimentary
View of you

In words that pass
At curving tips
Edge of my lips
Are dialects of
Shattered panes
That transform light
Into multi-colored
Stained refrains

Our path will empty
At the waters mouth
Where it flows into the ocean
Upon our citadel
Soaked in memories
A small village of emotions
We still have yet
To manifest

© GÄ


He gave me permission
To touch him
I didn’t for fear
I would lose it
We shared a
Telepathic energy
Between us
By dual outside
Source souls
That are now

In prevalent nature
Ours was escaped
And so I see
It mattered not
If I took the opportunity
To honor his permission
To touch him
For whatever reason
I was protecting
What we had
Now lingers

© GÄ


It seems like the fight is over
And no one won
The challenge of light
The mission of love
Common ground
Multiple favors have started

There are no sides
Only one center
We can’t be that close
As a standing person
Next to us and that
Man could be anyone

I am not a blanket
Although I accept all
If you want to be close to me
It can’t be to serve
Your only goal
Go to the next
And the next

It seems like the fight is over
And the only one to win
Is the one who protects
Their own interests
Their own hearts

Because it’s trust
What is special
Is not authentic
To everybody

I am a dream that you had
Entrance and bridge
You crossed
If you cut the rope
Without knowledge
We are less than
When we started

© GÄ

Just Wait

How little do we know
How indescribable are those
That touch us in romantic ways
Without touching us at all

Figments of imagination
Joyous points of exhalation
Screaming inside with desire
Quietly composed with
Invigorating fire

Enjoying every moment
Silently traverse
Within ourselves

If I say nothing
Will you hear me anyway
If I do nothing
Will you simply walk away

Do I move
Or remain still
With everything I feel

© GÄ

At the Door

The red birch chair
My underwear naked in this seat
That feels entirely too cold
To fasten ass in

My pattern of effect
Has lost the luster
Often stretched
Into the meaning
Found in every moments death

Kind and distant waves
Fish and swim about
Airs rage
Wind caught gasping, gaped
In tolerant behavior

A soundless sigh
Exhales the universe
Almost forgotten
Before the first
Is leveled out
Across the bank
Of indication

Proud-like roar
The cane like floor
That bothers to abandon
At the door

When the push
Is flaccid posture
That desires
So much more
Will awakens
Bound to break
And scold release
In lacerations
Cardinal to the making

The candid richness
Of a song
And gone
Before the breakfast table
Sets itself to feast

The bitter china
Still and quiet
In my cabinet
Cannot bring
The mean and matter
To displace
Where spoons and forks
Have always known
They had a place

© GÄ

When We

We want to know the story
Before we write it
We know we shouldn’t ask for things
We think we cannot get
Whatever tomorrow brings
Will be above where feelings end
Because our feelings cannot end
Tomorrow or even the day after
Nothing ends with feeling
It’s only the beginning

Our subtle influence around us
Is our weight but not the date
We set to accomplish by
Running moral races toward
Our hope for others
We grow at different paces
But feel held back by
Broken faces that relent
To let us shine

It is unique to our own jaws
To speak our truth without
The universal laws or destined
State in which we leave our empty plate
We do our dish we do not wish
For someone else to clean it up
And if surroundings are not
Up to chosen standards

We focus on what makes it work
Knowing the mystery will surface
Show it’s glorious bloom
Even in winters cold
Even amongst the blackest gloom

How things began
Are just the inkling
To what they will become

© GÄ