Remorseful Hug

Interrupted by your need
To feel bound
To hold someone
So they won’t get close to me
What is by force this comfort?

Look through the binoculars
It is a similar distance to touch
What you are afraid to drop
Afraid to love even if
He could have loved you

A little pathetic, right?
Or is it just sad to watch
Claim what’s not yours
Block light
Cover the truth
What do we gain
If we really lose?

A hug full of remorse
Only for you
Not for him
Not for me
Because sharing
Friendships is
Incredibly scary
For you

I could give you
A quiet kiss
The one you wouldn’t have to feel
Not a little
But your fear
Would only corrupt this

Love is for everyone
Not just for you
Is my light too bright
Am I troubling you?

Should I create a mist of love
Are you disappointed?
Embrace full of remorse
Only to wake up the same
I’m too old for such a game

The child became the man
I wish you the same thing
At all costs
Let go of your jealous roots
Open the French doors
Before the lie soon
Breaks you

You can’t stop love
And take it away from someone
It won’t do more for you
A hug full of remorse
By a resentful boy

You lock me outside

Stepping in the way
With all your insecurities

But like a child
I am innocent and pure
I just want to love
Why do you hurt me so

No, not even this will stop me

© GÄ

If You Ever

If you ever think something is off with us
Know that I love you

If you ever think I’m upset with you
I love you

If you ever wonder if I’m okay
I love you

If my smile seems to drag a bit
I love you

If you ever wonder if we’re still friends
I love you

You are a light in my life
One that I will never take for granted
Something to always treasure

I love you forever

© GÄ

I Wish You

To say it
This is difficult
My blood is thick with love

Your about as convincing
As a rattlesnake
That has been taught how to purr

I wish you
All the torches
Of the underworld
And beyond
Yet I also wish you love

To see your way through there
Snowflakes in hell

My headless horseman
Thoughtless choices

You’re such a paragon
Of sanctity and

If you need to prove
Your power
Please do it
Somewhere else

And the words you choose
They loose all their

Expensive suit
Authentic boot
Materials don’t matter
It’s what you do

Actions speak louder
Than your words

For instance is a word
That one would use
To describe
An awful tie
That somehow
Ended up in a box
On Christmas Day

But still I say
I wish you peace
I wish you joy
I wish you happiness
And more
And most of all
I wish you legions of pure love
Oceans of hearts upon your shore

I wish you love
Like you have never felt before

© GÄ

Will You

Will you be my love?

We only have one life
With these eyes to see

What we want to see
What do you want to see?

Will you share my heart?

Love what we want to love
Live how we want to live
Be what we want to be


Prospect of a blue sky
Plunging towards love

No greater downfall hath love
Than to have no love at all

With you

© GÄ

Devil Crossed

The devil crossed the nine of wands
Chained to negatives alas
In desert country
Even cuffed in brass
Probes against resilience
Kicking up the courage
Was his test of faith
In a dark unholy bath

Seven swords of past betrayal
A king of intellectual power
Pages written for a novel army
Outcomes plague the midnight hour

Popularity contest for six
As the pentacles approached
The magician made a chariot
Fit with horses ten fold forth

Expand the feathers

Silence speaks a thousand words
A magic wand can say much more
The battle between angels
Happening on a hellbent floor

Fire and smoke
Can blind the best intentions
Without a rope the tug of war
Has no tension to resolve
A wicked trance an oozing sore

The serpent slides along the sand
The hierophant calls judgement too
There are good and bad folks out there
How will the shield protect the truth?

In love and death

Some will use the blade for light
Some will use the quill for dark
Watch the clock of these behaviors
When the magic hour stops

It’s a jungle out there!

All illusions will dissolve
Fall away unveil the star
Bright of hope above the slope
Machette through the Amazon
Pluck the forest of deceit
Absolve the personalities
Seeking the roots
That always supplicate
Pure love

© GÄ

Love Gust

If someone doesn’t love you
The way that you love them
You still have power to love them
Even if they’re not your friend

Concentrate on true love deeply
Close your eyes and breathe love in
Make a request to soften heartbeats
Then blow love out into the wind

© GÄ

One Step

One step
Two step
Three step

How many steps
To count before I
Reach your heart’s
Front door

Open wide
Come inside
Is there a welcome mat
For me?

Is there a couch that
We can climb into
Build a fort for two
Sprawl out underneath

Is there a backyard
With a swing
Mind if I have a tent
To bring?

Talk about the things
We love
Reminisce about
Our future
While we dance
Beneath the stars

Build a fire

Roll around in
Blades of grass
Beneath the moon
Jump into the pool
In our birthday suits
Play Marco Polo
Find the love fool
I can feel your heartbeat
Pulsing through
The ripples
Up and down
You need not make
A sound

Is there a bed upstairs
We can roll around in
Where sheets end up
On the floor
The morning after
So much laughter
We shake the walls

And as the sun
Comes up
I stroke your head
We pull ourselves
Out of the bed
That will not let us go
Entangled in your legs
I adore the memories we
Reflect on especially
Over eggs

© GÄ

Cosmic Love

I feel you crackling in my heart
Like a fire we could start
I hear you moving through my mind
Like a passion we could find
I sense you brushing past my nose
With a scent that overflows
Into a river of devotion that aligns
With every universal cosmic love design

© GÄ


I guess I’m in love
With you
Even though you
Can’t love me
You love me

To be close to you
To touch you
To dream about
What it looks like

So free
When you walk in
The room you
Light it up
You light
Me up

Tomorrow doesn’t matter
Yesterday is gone
Every moment of
Today is like
When will you
Call next

You remember the last thing

Your voice
Deep and low
My feelings
Anything will do
Starving a bit
So that’s not on you
That’s on me

But you…

I will never
Forget about

© GÄ

Sticks & Stones

You can call me
Whatever you want

A hopeless romantic
A fool for the ages
An impossible optimist
Lost in translation

An ignorant faggot
A dumb ox
A ferry
There’s no gauge
For the love
I am willing to carry

A drastic nostalgic
A pointless fantastic
Utopian lover or
Passionate basket

Case for admission
A psych ward condition
A place for pathetic
Amorous fiction

No matter the words
Regardless intention
Whatever opinion
You happen to mention

I am a blockhead for love
A buffoon for the taking
Ignoramus admirer
Stooge of creation
When love is at hand
I see hearts in the making
I won’t give up on love
There is no heartbreaking

Emotion or feeling
To turn off the phone
The lines are all up
For this loving switchboard

My bones are not weak
Sticks and stones
You may throw
No matter the dagger
I’m ready to go

I’m a numskull for ecstasy
A dimwitted tool
I believe in agape
I break all the rules

If push comes to shove
To shut my love warehouse down
Remember my love is
A curious clown
That will laugh at attempts
To box and to fight
I’m eager to hug
All the darkness in sight

I’m a ninny
A twerp
An ineffable jerk
For the one thing on earth
That makes my heart
Want to burst

A cretin for love
There’s no stopping my drive
I believe in this stuff
I’m just that kind of guy

© GÄ