Scratch the surface
Peel the tape
Reveal this timeless
Warm embrace
Ages will spurn
Our cosmic light
Lust after dust
Saturns return

Born in an
Empathetic sky
Heartaches unwind
Rings undefined
How perfect harmonies

Crescent by Crescent
Charm by charm
A sudden haze
A new moon phase
A pounding deep space

What love can do
What magnitude
Uncertain chains
Release the

Naked and hot
Look how we swarm
Comet eclipse
New planets form

Above the Earth
Twisting in bliss
A sensual amber

© GÄ


Beyond the broken words unspoken
Are the treasures on the pages
Of my soul and flourishing love
That rages underneath

Unending is the saturation
The dedication
To the promise
Of what love
Can seep so deeply
In between
From up above
Bequeath the seam
And all around

The ancient text
Beneath my chest
Beats in complimentary
View of you

In words that pass
At curving tips
Edge of my lips
Are dialects of
Shattered panes
That transform light
Into multi-colored
Stained refrains

Our path will empty
At the waters mouth
Where it flows into the ocean
Upon our citadel
Soaked in memories
A small village of emotions
We still have yet
To manifest

© GÄ