Trust is Truth

Hearing the truth
Is awkward
It can be daunting

To be
In total control
Over what I do

Why would one want to?

I am an energy
Driven person
I consider all things
How I make my move

If I tell you the truth
Will you accept it?
Or will you make me
Want to regret it?

The only growth we have
Is the chance we take
In sharing the reality
That ignites our fate

If we speak the truth
We live the truth
To seek the truth
Will refuse
Any clouded
Passive imagination
That will mask
Our crystal view

I don’t want to fake it
Till we make it
This would create
A false pretense
We can be the truth
A sad defense

Behold our honesty
Trust so brilliant
Clear and shining through
Without cruel restriction
To discover
Balanced truth

© GÄ


The mist is like a gift
Refreshing on the face
Of Sunday morning
Left and right
It sways
The wind displays it’s cordial
Gratitude handled with
Delicate affection

What is romance?
Is it a fascination
A carrot dangling
On a string
Is it enchantment
In the forest
Hid behind
A childlike fling?

Is it a courtship
Of intrigue
That leaves us
Dancing in the street
A love affair
Of fleeting moments
One hundred brush strokes
In your hair

A flirting rendezvous
That sets off fireworks in your eyes
The moss that’s clinging
To the walls
The ivy climbing
To disguise
A secret second
That beholds
A glance a kiss
A dream in blue
Watching clouds
That shift and shape
To take the form
Of what is you

Like the flowers on a tree
The petals falling
Like the shadow that
Is following the
Steps we
Cannot see

Is it the laugh that
Rings the bell
Above the writing
Wishing well
Or the pail that gathers
Water bringing
Hearts up
To prevail?

Tangled in the sheets
Leftover imprints in the bed
The scent the pillow case
Has left
From the curls upon
His head

Is it the anxiousness I feel
Waiting to hold you once again
Or the excitement in my nerves
Before it starts that it
Could end

© GÄ


The words are ready

Not knowing exciting
Where it could go

Pendant that butterflies move
My adventures of lust
In the corridor
For your heart

I have a few rare moments
When looks like yours
Like a summit
Blink before me

Something new

I imagine you are blushing
Arouse me

I imagine your fervor
Restores me

No burning desire
Or thirst could plunge
Without mirrored
Tongue affection

This can be
Our direction
I’m open

Could we

© GÄ

Love Came to Me

Love came to me
It was as sweet a scent
I remember and recall
From long long time ago

When it arrived
It offered nothing but itself
Which for as long as
It would choose to stay
Was more than enough time

Surprise took me by my breath
Away love came to me
And with no warning
Dressed in arms so graciously

Love’s embrace swept in
Then left again

© GÄ


In appreciation for
Such energy felt
I climbed outside
Of the exhausted self

Recall of slipping
The fingers between
My hand found the edge
Of his calico seam

Eyes open I noticed
His lips had escaped
Like a tower of softness
Had melted away

A sideways view
Of the spiritual extreme
The tossed twist reality
Of a really good dream

© GÄ

Just A Guy

I bet you don’t have
Boys write about you

All the time
Very often

Nor do I

There is a complexity
Within you
A dark maze
That is both
Ornery and
Hazed full of
Perplexities that
Are not having
Conversations with
The rest of us

Many ways

Happening in you
This very full of
Sharing only
So much
But I
Sense your silent

Beyond the idiocracy
Of the world
There you are

I hear you
Saying no
I’m just a guy

Just a guy
A dark knight full of
Resurgent love
Reminiscent to
The sounds

In my

© GÄ

Far Far Away

I love you on a boat
In the middle of the ocean
Far far away

I love you in a tree
A distance one would squint to see
Far far away

I love you in a mansion
On a hill behind a trash can
Far far away

I love you on a plane
Traveling across the world to Spain
Far far away

I love you on the moon
Listening to all your favorite tunes
Far far away

I love you on an island
Dancing happily and smiling
Far far away

I love you on a carriage
Riding out to meet the fairest
Far far away

I love you in a bed
Where you can rest your little head
Far far away

I love you on a mountain
A place that’s free to scream and shout in
Far far away

I love you on a terrace
Where everyone could simply care less
Far far away

But most of all I love your face
Floating deep in outer space
Far far away

© GÄ

Idle Tongue

Idle hands it is they say
Is where the devil be at play
Dance around the fire
Display in a
Delightful merry way

Light the candle
Shoot the spark
Watch the smoke rise
In the dark

My gossip queen
You plant the seed
Watch your tongue
Roll out the deed

Secret are the words
Projectile turns left yet to burn
Quiet quiet til they bubble
Up creating all the trouble

Dramatic fork we taste the
Naughty vulgar wicked
Licks of tawdry slippery
Unmistaken brazen
Things you say

Evolve into a sacred world
Make the changes that will
Swirl out a progress
Disenthrall the beast
That’s knocking at
Your door

Your choice to stay
Around the pit even
To hang out or in it
Is liberation to
A friend
Soon will end

To rise above
Is to defend
An age
Well spent
Deliver me

© GÄ


Suspended by cords
On a canvas
Sketch it out
Draw the mythical

What a masterpiece
Fibers will paint
A sweet exposé
Still inertia
From bold
Into faint

Free the handle as bone
The ferrule as strength
Constructing a
Passionate muscle
To claim
The life
Of a generous

At the tips of my fingers
Nothing left here to linger
I dream under covers
In wait

The distance below me
The space up above me

Reach up into the howl
Every feather of fowl

Bows of rain
Without wonder
Will squander
Both scatter about

Slung like a scarf
Swinging couch
Lovers tarp
Of restraint

Chainless morning
Is dawning
Sun appears
Without warning

Bright new colors adorning

Bonjour just a
Footstep away

© GÄ

Love for Self

If ever I have seen
With the intensity of eyes
It is now

If ever I have
Been aware
It is now

I couldn’t ask for
A better place to be

The ambience
The dress
The success of nothing less
Than pure love for the self

More room for loving
That which draws

Even in dark paths

The sleeves
Slip up around
The angry bark
Of bitter delight

The leaves
Into the blue

A freedom tonic

As I blend so well
With tree

As we bend eternally
Environment exists
When we become it

Endless chance
And all that we create
Will now succumb it

© GÄ