Into Light

Sun at my back
Starlight at my front
Wind on my face
Every thought wants to
Remind me of the beauty
Of this place

Like I’m walking around
Inside the corridors of
Your heart
Remembering the best parts
Of being free with you

No room for judgement
But many doors of prophecy
Etched along our sacred walls
Painted in typography

We open every gate
Walking bare foot over stones
That remind us of our strength
Of what we have to hold
Wandering the caves and halls
Like the stars we used to know
One day we will see
Each other there again
As we did before

Ancient connection
Of acceptance that can
Find it’s way to you
So familiar to the past lives
Our souls are privy to

I will never misplace your energy
I will always remember your smile
I could find you in a world
Of thorns and darkness
Mountains high

The echos of your laughter
Shake me to the very core
Rings the bell tower
Flips the switch on
Calls me out of
My conch home

Folded hands together walking
Down the steps of life
We carry one another
Through the darkness
Into light

© GÄ


Rest my head on
Your shoulder
A place to comfort
Everything in me
You make me stronger

You make me want you longer
Better than the rest

I don’t always want
To let go
I’m not ready for
Our time to end
When did it begin?

I watch you say goodbye
Like I’m looking down a
Distant tunnel
Escaping my view

Calling out to you
Don’t go
Even though
It’s not the last time
That I’ll see you

I know it’s silly
I just really love
To be with you

You tuck me in
Even if I resist

When I give in to you
Dreams of our love
Are coasting through
My head
Until I’m resting
In your arms

© GÄ

One Step

One step
Two step
Three step

How many steps
To count before I
Reach your heart’s
Front door

Open wide
Come inside
Is there a welcome mat
For me?

Is there a couch that
We can climb into
Build a fort for two
Sprawl out underneath

Is there a backyard
With a swing
Mind if I have a tent
To bring?

Talk about the things
We love
Reminisce about
Our future
While we dance
Beneath the stars

Build a fire

Roll around in
Blades of grass
Beneath the moon
Jump into the pool
In our birthday suits
Play Marco Polo
Find the love fool
I can feel your heartbeat
Pulsing through
The ripples
Up and down
You need not make
A sound

Is there a bed upstairs
We can roll around in
Where sheets end up
On the floor
The morning after
So much laughter
We shake the walls

And as the sun
Comes up
I stroke your head
We pull ourselves
Out of the bed
That will not let us go
Entangled in your legs
I adore the memories we
Reflect on especially
Over eggs

© GÄ

Heart of Gold

Gold in my mouth
Heart of red
On my tongue
A grizzly love
Voracious truth
I could dig a hole
To China just
To find you

All the veils
Of my ignorant inner life
Burned in the light of
My awakening
To you

All mistakes they
Melt away in the fire
Of our kiln

Why does the sun
Look like the moon
In your eyes
Why does your kiss
Fear the plank
Of a thousand
Sweet goodbyes

You have a heart of gold
Pre Latin code
Debut to the first mark
Of a sanctuary mold
Requited kindness
In a spark

Richly shining

A love pond
Ruminating basin to
An offering of joy
Your illuminated selfless
Wonders conjugate
Forms of pain into a
Heedless soft relief
With no suspicion
For contention
Nor deceit

Lying prostrate reverently
I bow to kiss your golden
Heart and at your feet
I see your beauty

© GÄ

My Match

Feel the chills
Every hair
Rising for you
Simple lift
Spiritual gift

Up my arms
Up the back
Of my neck
And down
My legs

Intensity I
Met my match
It was too much
To receive
In my ear
And tongue
At the roof
Of my mouth
Incomplete chords

Innocence of memory
And absence of me
Innocence of memory
And absence of me
How could it be?

I met my match
And it was
Too much
To receive

© GÄ

You Left

You left your glow on me
Now every time I see
Myself in the mirror
I turnaround to you
All over me

You left your smile on me
I can’t seem to get away
From this impression
On my face
It’s just your magic touch
I guess

You left your love with me
Because I feel two
Heartbeats beating
In my chest
Somehow you
Did this
To me

You left your warm embrace
Weighing on my shoulders
On my back
In every single particle
I feel you
Holding me
Even though you’re
Not here

You left your spell on me
And I am conjuring
The moment we can
Do it all again
Because it’s clear to me
It’s entirely your fault
I feel so good

You left me this way

© GÄ

Close Your Eyes

When you close your eyes
Do you see me
Can you dream me floating by?
Across the screen
Inside your mind
Can you feel me
Can you reach behind
Your eyes
Do you receive me?
I am there
In every pulse
Every synapse
Contemplating you
Pondering the love you share
The touch you bare
I want you

To know I close my eyes
And see you
Floating by so warmly
Experiencing this
Like out of body
Levitation in the
Waiting room
Of my mind
Traveling down
In silk vibrations
To the center of my core
Where you are
There you are

Does it scare you
That we can be this close
Share a fervent space
This way?
Like a flower
To the earth
Like a bird
To the sky
Like a mountain
Against the horizon
I feel my best self
In your eyes

You’re a red flag
Of surprise
To the bounty of a life

Cathartic rhythm
Rising and falling
Scales and lines
Of what pure beauty
Longs to hold
When I see you
Close your eyes


© GÄ


The ultimate surrender
Is in your arms
My lover my defender
Soothe me with the
Riddle of your
You set off my alarms
Every place

My body is your maze

Anywhere your hands
Can take you
Anywhere your breath
Will land
I am your moment
For the taking
Elated to oblige

Watch my chest
Rise up and down
Your heart beat
Feels sublime
As every
Generous word
Slips out
And carries
From your lips
No cynicism
Just your
Fingers on
My skin

© GÄ

Drip Drop

Drip drop
Plip plop
All the feelings
Tick tock
Raining down on me
One thing can
Change the game
Don’t get hung up
On perfect linings
Don’t let trying
To be the master
Of life stop you
Tick tock
Goes the
Time passes
What did you
Achieve today
Pressure to
Be the best
Above the rest
What is this
I make a promise
To myself
To be good
Yes that’s enough
Just be good
Now doesn’t that
Feel better
Dodge the bullets
Of shame
Focus on
Protecting others
Pull out your umbrella
Invite their mothers
Under cover
Let the drops
Of perfect rain
Fall above your head
Penetrate the shield
The only perfect
Thing remains
Plip plop
Tick tock
In the drops of rain
Perfection is for
It’s not a
Human thing

© GÄ

Cosmic Love

I feel you crackling in my heart
Like a fire we could start
I hear you moving through my mind
Like a passion we could find
I sense you brushing past my nose
With a scent that overflows
Into a river of devotion that aligns
With every universal cosmic love design

© GÄ