If You Ever

If you ever think something is off with us
Know that I love you

If you ever think I’m upset with you
I love you

If you ever wonder if I’m okay
I love you

If my smile seems to drag a bit
I love you

If you ever wonder if we’re still friends
I love you

You are a light in my life
One that I will never take for granted
Something to always treasure

I love you forever

© GÄ

Get Up

Get up off the ground
Don’t make me drag you around
One way or the other
You’re coming with me
Get up off the ground
Love me or hate me

You will never forget me
But I hope that you will love me and say
Thank you for being my grace
Thank you for loving my face

At the end of the tunnel
There is a light
I know it looks really bright
But there is actually darkness on
The other side

Trust me even when your blinded
By this unpredictable life
I will not leave you behind
I am your castle I am your rock
In these sands of time
I am yours and you are mine

Everything will fade away someday
But I will be here anyway
The earth moves things around
Unsettles the ground we pave
Reminding us that we can’t
All be happy at the same time

I am always here for you

© GÄ


While you talk about the woman
Who’s makeup isn’t on quite right
Do you know how hard it was
To show her face today in light?
Pull herself out of her bed
Tuck herself in late at night?
The best that she could do
Is amazing in my eyes
Thank you for showing up
Today my dear
Thank you for sharing
Your sweet smile
Thank you for taking time
To share your light
With us
You’re so inspiring

© GÄ

Even Roses Die

My grandma Rose
May have died
But she’s really still alive
Still here on earth
Still breathing out
In her own way

Inside my heart

I wish the Universe
Could say
Not at this time
This one’s not mine

But her hands were needed
For gardening the skies
Expressing thoughts
In clouds floating by

Propagating love

It makes no sense
How I could be
Here on earth without you
Experiencing life
When life has always been
About you

Honest intention
Simple truth
Big imagination

It seems impossible
That I could be zoetic
Waking everyday
Without your words prophetic
Without your physical presence
And yet I’m here building
The life I never
Thought that I could build
Which tells me that
Your essence is
All around me

Your blood is light

I could never do this
Without you…

Yes even roses die
But they return
Nature is unending
As is your spirit
Climbing through
The concrete cracks
Your love is sending
Me the messages I need
In every step
In every day
I know without a doubt
Your heart is always with me

© GÄ

Will You

Will you be my love?

We only have one life
With these eyes to see

What we want to see
What do you want to see?

Will you share my heart?

Love what we want to love
Live how we want to live
Be what we want to be


Prospect of a blue sky
Plunging towards love

No greater downfall hath love
Than to have no love at all

With you

© GÄ

On the Days

I ponder on the days
When I will no longer
Look at my body
In the mirror
I will see my spirit
Reflecting in a pool of energy
And it will not reflect skin but light
And I will not see a mirror but a star
Echoing frequencies in my mind
That resound in the color
Of love

© GÄ


I am the eagle
That has fallen
In the front lawn
Of some innocent observer
With one working wing

A beautiful display
An ornate wingspan
But do not try and make me
A trophy or a treasure
For your den to display

When a single golden tear
Falls from my eye
A sun cry
It is in this very moment
That I find I’m still alive

And as I try
Test my breadth
Ask myself to fly
Yes even with one wing
You can feel my

As my beak
Meets your beak

Static shock
Aviary energy
We could be nesting
But instead of resting

I’ll be the eagle
That has fallen
On the front lawn
Of your home
It could be anyone
But it is you
Your maison
Observing me
Giving me life

With one wing
Willing to sing
My other wing
Willing to fly
When I see you
I realize

Four wings are stronger
Than two

© GÄ

Out Loud

Across the sky watch it burn
Like the horizon, the last breath
Moving on from holding out
Like a shot beyond the past
From the gun your life is holding

Letting go of everything that has
Held you back from understanding
The power that resounds
Deep in the banquet of your heart
Sifting through the darker parts

Breathe it out
Cast the darkness of your past
Into a beautiful oblivion
You are standing on the ground
Of an incredible awakening

A constellation of stars in the shape
Of the sound of your love
Use your tongue now
And speak it
Out loud

© GÄ

Love Gust

If someone doesn’t love you
The way that you love them
You still have power to love them
Even if they’re not your friend

Concentrate on true love deeply
Close your eyes and breathe love in
Make a request to soften heartbeats
Then blow love out into the wind

© GÄ

Four Days

It’s been four days
And seventeen hours
And thirty-two minutes
And fifty three seconds

Since I saw you last
Since I checked the hourglass

Where was my mind then?
What did we feel?
Beside you I lay
Nothing left to conceal

A halo between us
This luminous crown
The space interim cannot see us
We have nothing left to be found


© GÄ