Like Birds

If birds can fly
Why do they choose to walk
Lots of things die
Even friendships
To be the
Salt of the earth
Is it also
To feel okay
In the skin that you’re in
Without anything but
It can take awhile
To get back there
If you are ready
I want to send you
A signal
Like a present
A song you can recite
Maybe then
We can choose to fly
Like birds

© GÄ

Zero Six Zero 1

Remember when we
Used to have fun?
I guess it was
Important for me
For you to know
The surprise of my story
That also awoke in me
The surprise of you
Such a small act of love
Shouldn’t be such a big deal
Expressing emotions
Satisfyingly real
Then to recognize this
Ode to honor more acts of
Small generosities and bliss
Acts of kindness
The gifts
That make ya feel
So much
Bigger in your heart
Nothing like the faults
That make you shrink away
Make you stop in your tracks
Like stepping into a ziplock bag
Blankets over your head
In some ways just the same
As wishing it would all
Go away

What happens when two people’s
Self worth clashes
Is it ever too late to
Renegotiate our identities?

© GÄ

In My Head

My blood is not cold
But my pulse is so hot
When I share my whole self
My lack of carelessness
Pours over in an ocean
Of unquenchable thirst
Nothing but time
Can cool me down
Invite me in
Excuse me out
What will we have left
If we take it all now
All I ever wanted was
For you to know
The pleasure of betrayal
Would be lost on me
Does brutality make you want me
Will love be crowded out
If there be no savagery
Sand in my teeth
The only way out
Is through the gaping hole
In my heart
But much more feasible
Than a hole
In my head

© GÄ

For Later

If a good lie
Can make people happy
Then what can
The truth do
Maybe we touch too deeply
Maybe our fingers get smaller
Perhaps our feet get colder
Do you know?
If a good lie
Can make people happy
Why should we
Tell the truth
Maybe our hearts
Get a little taller
Maybe our lives
Intertwining enthrall us
Perhaps our lips are
A bit more glossy
Do you know?

Kissing your heartbeat
Is better than missing out
On your truth

If a good lie
Can make you happy
What will our truth do
Will it console you
Would you feel better
If I untold you
If this is true
Then I will be your best storyteller
We can save the truth
For later

© GÄ

Naked Mess

Did I mess up
When I uncovered the suspense
Did I mess it up
When I exposed the magic
Opened myself completely
To the honor of knowing you
To the gift of your benevolence
To the talking power of
Upright honest feelings
Are they for quiet people
Or is it being in the exposed
Nature of our brightest spirit
That we throw it all open
And encourage more by
Exaggerating all kindness
Blowing the beautiful
Completely out of proportion
For why not if violence
Is so loud
Why shouldn’t love be
Why shouldn’t vulnerabilities
Scream from the snow capped tops
Avalanches of love
And exposed feelings
Leaving us raw and
In unpredictable territories
Creation of non existent time
Floating in the betrothed
Exposure of raw emotion
To embrace us as we are
To take us as we are
To receive our brightest star
Light is not for the dimming
But for the brightening
The inner lightening
The no more frightening
Of our feelings
Fully naked
Fully formed

© GÄ


My sweetest light
A meeting round the stones
At night by dark waters
Riviera of memories
Wishing for triangles of
Sanctuaries in love
Hanging from the ceilings
Of our mouths
Crawling over the backsides
Of forgotten traumas
Furry tarantula like legs
Tickle the napes of our necks
Left like afterthoughts
Or impulsive tattoos
For which painting
Cosmic catastrophic
Imprints where forbidden happiness
Could only end in a ball of
Frameless power that
Sparks up in me
A playful harmless buck
Spun upwards just enough to
Catch a quick wisp of air
Around your lips
The sweetest pair to kiss
I offer you this bouquet
Of mystic flora
Minus the half eaten magnolias
Devoured by what satisfied snails
Have left only for my hand
A small miracle
Of human interference
If it ends in the unexpected
Splash of your embrace

© GÄ


This isn’t reversible
Lover beware
Broken in so many places
Try not to stare
At my vulnerabilities
Callousness despair
Inhibit your cruelty
When you take down your hair
Find a new way to scout
To shout out
About yourself
Don’t take away my birthday
Just out of curiosity
Did someone neglect you
Forget to protect you
We will no longer need to
Pretend that you care
Wish for what we cannot be
I am dancing in my liberty
No longer detest that I’m invading
You when I call
Don’t have to think about it
At all
Fuck the boundaries
I’m ready to meet somebody new
And uncover a mountain of love
Uncover a mountain of truth
With me would you
If you care for love
If you care for intimacy
Heart shattering ecstasy
Position yourself
In close proximity to my energy
Remembering please
Allegations of interest are waisted
In ambivalent spaces

© GÄ

This Love

Love is there to uplift you
Empower you and console you
I cannot ever love you too much
Although some people do not have the
Capacity to love enough
Are you afraid to feel my love?
If we sit by the fire
Would we be in it?
If the table was long
Would we sit next to one another
Or at opposite ends?
I was listening to
An inner nocturnal wail
That reluctantly climbed up
From within my deepest insides
Questioning what love
Could be made of
If one could blurt it out
What love could be fought for
If one would fight no doubt
If were it not for the shame
That came of not sharpening
The blade keenly enough
To cut through the difference
For love is not war
But worth fighting for

© GÄ


Looking over our letters
Over my shouldered attempts
To make things better
I asked for tenderness
I cried for the loss of us
Even when we were together
I misunderstood your capacity
To love me hard enough
As hard as someone should
As hard as someone would
If they didn’t want to lose you
If they didn’t want to lose me
No mystique
No smoke and mirrors
No hidden cameras
Just open love
An opening for love
Looking over our letters
It really never got better
And so we found a way
To go our own directions
Although I miss the person
That I thought you were
When I cried for the loss of us
I realized whom
You were before
Didn’t really live there

© GÄ

Live Live Live!

Whatever’s left
Beyond belief your
Wildest dreams
Keepsakes bereft
You jolt awake from
Bogged down sleep
For fear and fright
Of what is left
That your worst nights
Are getting closer to
Repeat what you detest

Live live live
We cry and oh!
Live live live
Remind us oh!
Of the greatest joys
We’ve yet to sow
Choose the new pain!
Give the old one time to heal
Choose the new pain!
Let the old wound
Close the seal
Choose the new pain!
Just to feel again
Lest the old pain
Take you down again
We shall not diverge

© GÄ